General Information
Day classes meet Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Evening classes meet Wednesday and Friday from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Workshops on special weaving techniques are scheduled intermittently throughout the year.

Classes are held ongoing throughout the year in day or evening sessions. Each session begins on the first Monday of each month and meets for three weeks.

All classes require a 50% deposit to reserve your space. This deposit is refundable up to one week before class starts.

All classes meet in the Custom Handweavers studio in Mountain View, CA. For directions to the studio, visit the Contact Us page.

Classes meet three times a week for three weeks. $400 per session.

Beginning Weaving
An introduction to weaving for the novice. Learn to set up and operate a four-harness loom. The student learns to read basic patterns, weave a sampler and a set of placemats.

Pattern Weaves
Each student prepares a fine warp of ten traditional threadings arranged in stripes. Different treadlings are used to produce a tremendous variety of patterns. An excellent course for students who have done some weaving and wish to continue with more pattern techniques.

Patterned Double Weave
Students learn the many possibilities of double weaving on four harnesses. This includes double layers, double width, tubes, padded forms and patterned double weave or Finnweave, a pick-up weave. This is an exciting course for all weavers!

Color and Weave Effect
Exciting color-and-weave patterns are developed with various warp and weft color sequences with a simple weave structure.

A Color Blanket
Weave a color gamp in closely-related values of six hues.

Four-Day Workshop — Usually taught on Saturday and Sunday of successive weekends

This workshop gives you enough information for you to attempt larger and more complex pieces on your own. On the first weekend, the structure of the Navajo loom is explored, and you plan your project, mount a warp on the loom and begin weaving. Then you take the loom home to weave on your own. On the second weekend, you continue weaving your piece and learn finishing techniques. (Other times may be arranged.) $150 for the workshop.

An introduction to spinning, starting with a drop spindle, but with the main emphasis on learning to spin comfortably on a wheel. Sort and prepare a fleece for spinning. Learn to handle a variety of natural fibers. Wheels are available. One-on-one instruction. $35 per hour.

Learn the Japanese art of decorating hand-covered or wrapped-thread balls with woven stitches in geometric patterns. They may be used as gifts throughout the year and add a joyful spot of color in any home. One-on-one instruction. $35 per hour.

Minimum of five participants required. The reason is so each participant can dress the loom in a different manner, yet all will weave a section on each loom — thus being able to fully explore the possibilities of different patterns without having to rethread and tie up the loom each time.

Lace Weaves
Explore three ways to make lace on the loom: finger-manipulated, loom-controlled and denting.

This weave structure is a plain weave (tabby) foundation with a secondary pattern weft woven in designs planned in blocks related to twill designs. Overshot is well known through many Colonial Coverlet Designs.

Summer and Winter
A block weave that can be woven on 4, 6, 8 or more harnesses. A design with two blocks requires four harnesses. Each additional harness gives the possibility of one more block. This weave structure produces a closely-interlaced fabric with good wearing qualities.

Traditionally, a densely-packed warp-faced weave where the weft is woven with a thick'n'thin technique. However, this same technique may also be used for interestingly designed rugs where the weft dominates. Suitable for placemats, runners and, of course, rugs in four and eight harnesses.

An intriguing block weave in four harnesses with elements of overshot that has many interesting applications for any weaver.

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